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To request attorney Philip Levin as your speaker, for an upcoming meeting or conference, sponsored by your company or organization, please call The Levin Law Firm for further information at (610) 977-2443.

Attorney Philip Levin speaks nationally to investment advisors, certified financial planners, insurance professionals, bankers, and business groups, as well as to religious, civic, and fraternal organizations on a variety of current estate planning, business succession, and retirement distribution planning strategies. If you are interested in having Phil present at your next function, call us at (610) 977-2443.

Phil’s presentations are always entertaining, informative and educational. He takes the complexity out of making difficult decisions and helps his clients turn data and information into knowledge and wisdom for their family. Feedback from Phil’s Workshops has consistently revealed that he has a passion for making learning fun, for both professional advisors and consumers!

Can you imagine having an attorney make Workshops on Estate Planning, Business Succession, and Retirement Distribution Planning fun? Phil enjoys sharing his knowledge and practical experience, along with his “war stories”, accumulated from working with his clients exclusively in the field of trust, estate, and business transition planning for over 25 years.

Phil Levin’s Speaking Topics Include:

Wealth Preservation Planning – “Estate Planning in 2010 and Beyond”
Estate Planning WorkshopsPhil details the current “State of the Estate Tax” and recent developments on Capital Hill which directly impact estate planning for clients in 2010 and beyond. The program also includes a clear and comprehensive review of the most important lifetime and estate planning legal documents clients need to have prepared in order to achieve peace of mind and financial protection for both themselves and their family.

This program also includes a thorough analysis of basic and sophisticated planning techniques designed to allow clients access to their assets during life, while passing them intact to their family, unreduced by income, gift, and federal estate tax consequences.

Come listen and enjoy learning about accepted legal strategies designed to maximize the transfer of wealth, which have saved the families of Phil’s clients millions of dollars in unnecessary income taxes, estate taxes, and estate settlement expenses, as well as preserving harmony within the family unit, a “priceless” gift.

Business Succession Planning – “Protecting the Family & Business with Buy-Sell Plans”
Business Succession PlanningPhil has created this seminar for both consumers, as well as financial professionals, including financial advisors, accountants, attorneys, which he has delivered at a national video teleconference to The Society of Financial Service Professionals. The purpose of the program is to alert business owners and their advisors about the important legal, tax, valuation, and business disposition issues which must be addressed during life, when all partners or shareholders of a business have a relatively equal bargaining position.  Upon the disability or death of a business owner, disastrous consequences often occur, for both the family of the deceased owner and for the surviving business owner(s), when a properly structured business succession plan has not been carefully drafted and adequately funded during the lives of the owners.

While over 90% of businesses in the Unites States are closely-held family business enterprises, come listen and learn why less than 30% of family businesses pass intact to the next generation or an outside purchaser. Phil will also provide a roadmap for navigating the steps necessary to ensure transition of the family business, at its real value, and how to provide financial protection for family members who have pursued careers outside the family business.

Retirement Planning  –  “IRA Inheritance Trusts – Your Key to Leaving a Lasting Legacy”
IRA Inheritance TrustsWhat Might be the Biggest Check Your Child Ever Receives? Very often, it’s an Inherited IRA. How can you protect the beneficiaries of your IRA from the claims of potential creditors, including the spouse of a child in the event of divorce, as well as their own inexperience managing a significant portfolio of investments? A properly drafted Retirement Plan Trust can ensure that your tax-deferred retirement plan accounts, inherited by a child, can grow and provide a steady source of tax-deferred income throughout the child’s entire life, as well as be insulated from the claims of creditors, predators, and exposure to transfer taxes.

This Retirement Plan Trust program is generally delivered as a joint workshop, by attorney Phil Levin and a financial advisor or accountant in the community. The purpose is to provide clients with the tools needed to protect, preserve, and distribute inherited IRAs in a manner which mitigates the potential income tax liability for individuals with IRAs and retirement plan assets currently, or anticipated, to grow in excess of $250,000.

The program is designed to help advisors and clients understand and appreciate important strategies available to safeguard IRAs, and legitimately postpone both income taxes, as well as avoid estate taxation, while passing retirement plan assets intact to second and third generation family members.

Many clients have a substantial portion of their hard earned assets invested in IRAs, and employer sponsored qualified plans. A properly structured Retirement Plan Trust can help clients to achieve peace of mind by protecting this very valuable assets from creditors, divorcing spouses and children who, statistics reveal, may be inclined to spend their inherited IRA, within five (5) years or less, and long before the life expectancy of a child who inherits an IRA.

Phil’s clients who have established IRA Trusts have often shared with him that they appreciated his counsel and advice, and now enjoy greater peace of mind after creating what can be a “bulletproof” lasting legacy for their spouse and children.

Training Workshops for Professional Advisors

Estate Planning for Financial AdvisorsAttorney Philip Levin is available as an Estate, Business, and Retirement Planning consultant for your financial planning and investment advisory firm. Over the past 25 years, Phil has presented at hundreds of Continuing Education programs around the country, offered to investment, insurance, legal, accounting, and banking professionals. Seminar evaluations from Phil’s workshop and training programs consistently reflect extremely high marks by both advisors and clients who attend Phil’s programs.

Call The Levin Law Firm at (610) 977-2443 to find out how attorney Phil Levin can help you deepen relationship with existing clients and become the “go-to” expert in your community. Learn the tools and techniques to provide creative and accepted financial solutions in our ever changing and competitive marketplace.  And most importantly, help your clients to protect and preserve their hard earned assets, as well as ensure that their property is distributed to the right party, at the right time, in the most tax efficient manner!