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I feel blessed each day because estate planning is my passion, as well as my profession. Similar to the work you perform each day with your clients, my experience over the past 25 years reveals that estate planning is really a process, rather than a one time event.

At The Levin Law Firm, we take data and information, and convert them into knowledge and wisdom for you and your clients.

In addition to our satisfied clients, financial service professionals, including investment, tax, and insurance advisors, are our primary source of client referrals. I understand your mission, along with the value of the work that you perform each day, as well as the details and knowledge required to satisfy your clients. I also have a deep understanding and appreciation for the products and services you offer, in order to help your clients achieve financial security for themselves, their employees, and their families.

Our attitude about ourselves, our clients, and the services we provide, directly impacts our altitude, or the level of success we are capable of achieving in our chosen profession. I have seen repeated instances among my clients, family members, friends, and colleagues about how a positive attitude can impact ourselves, and the lives of others.

My Father shared a very short, but powerful story with me when I was a child, which I believe is worth sharing with you. While the story may not have been original, it certainly reinforces the importance of attitude in our lives, and is a story I will never forget:

Three brick layers were asked the following question, “What are you doing?”
The first bricklayer replied, ‘I’m laying down bricks.’
The second bricklayer replied, “I’m building a wall.”
However, the third bricklayer stated, “I’m constructing a cathedral.”

This short story taught me that the third bricklayer had a vision, strong sense of self, purpose in life and respected himself along with the work he performed. He also probably started and finished each day with a much stronger sense of accomplishment then the other two bricklayers.

I try to live my life each day, and interact with my clients, family, friends, and colleagues in the same manner as that third bricklayer, by helping my clients to construct and safeguard cathedrals for their family.

The third bricklayer recognized that the structure he was building which, if done in a caring, proper, methodical, and professional manner, would last long after he was gone, perhaps for many generations. I also recognize that the work I perform each day, as a trust and estate planning attorney, will directly impact the relationships between many family members, and have a major impact on their financial security, perhaps for many generations.

While I might have more formal training and education in my chosen field of work, then the third bricklayer, we share much in common. What we share, and what I hope you too share with that third bricklayer, is the desire to act in the best interests of your clients and do your job each day to the best of your ability.

I have tremendous respect for the financial protection you are capable of providing to your clients and their families and so should you. You are the architects of your clients financial plans and I am the architect of my clients estate plans.

If you conduct your practice with the same attitude as the third bricklayer, I welcome the opportunity to form a strategic alliance with you for the purpose of helping our clients to create and implement appropriate wealth transfer, business succession, and retirement distribution plans.

Let’s collectively help our clients “build cathedrals” for their families, by helping them to protect, preserve, and pass their assets intact to the next generation.

Call The Levin Law Firm at 610-977-2443 so that we can learn more about each other’s practice and have a conversation to help our clients Plan Today to Preserve Their EstateSM.

– Philip Levin, Esquire