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Mission Statement

The Levin Law Firm helps our clients by developing life and estate plans designed to protect, preserve, and pass property intact, to selected individuals and charitable entities at the right time and in a tax-efficient manner.  We provide our clients with the following comprehensive estate planning, business succession, and retirement distribution planning services:

  • Wills, Trusts, and Medicaid Planning
  • Business Creation and Succession Agreements
  • Special Needs Trusts for Children and Adults
  • Coordination of Long Term Care Needs
  • Legacy Trusts for Retirement Plan Accounts
  • Tax Saving Trusts for Life Insurance
  • Lifetime Trusts to Ensure Probate Avoidance
  • Estate and Trust Administration for Executors

The mission of The Levin Law Firm is to offer our clients customized estate planning advice throughout life’s many stages.  We focus our practice on estate planning for individuals, business owners, and corporate employees, with a concentration on elder law issues and specialized trusts for financial protection and tax planning purposes.

As an Pennsylvania estate planning attorney, with over 25 years of experience, exclusively in the area of trust and estate planning, Phil is a trusteed legal advisor to his clients and their families. The Levin Law Firm works closely with our clients, along every step of the way in the process, to develop a life and estate plan designed to carry out your hopes, dreams, and expectations for your family. We take a team approach to estate, business, and retirement planning, and work very closely with investment, insurance, and tax professionals, throughout many communities which we serve in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Bucks counties.

Younger clients, in the wealth accumulation phase of life, are often concerned about providing sufficiently for their minor and adult children, through the creation of a Will appointing suitable guardians, executors, and trusts that defer distribution of property until each child attains an appropriate age.

As our clients move through life’s stages, they may recognize that their children have greatly different financial needs and want to provide for their children in a manner that best meets those needs. Our experience reveals that these same clients, often called baby boomers or the “sandwich generation” have elderly parents with serious concerns about how their parents’ long term care will be financed, in the event of an illness, injury, or incapacity.

Our senior clients are generally concerned about taking the necessary financial steps during life to maintain their standard of living during the retirement phase of their lives, and transferring assets to their children, and other beneficiaries, with minimal transfer tax consequences.

The Levin Law Firm regularly works with individuals to create and implement life and estate plans designed to protect our client’s assets from the most important potential drain on their finances, including transfer taxes, costs of long term care, or the threat of litigation. We recommend prudent and appropriate planning strategies, based upon the facts and circumstances of each particular situation. In many cases, we use a combination of asset transfer planning techniques and protective strategies to meet our clients individual financial needs.

We grow our practice by your referrals to individuals who need our legal expertise for the creation of specific legal documents. Lifetime planning documents generally include a Financial Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directive, Family Partnerships and Probate Avoidance Trusts. Testamentary planning documents for our clients often include Special Needs Trusts for disabled children, IRA Trusts to protect and preserve retirement plan assets distributing to children and grandchildren.

Our business owner clients are often concerned that an illness, injury, incapacity or premature death will have a severely negative impact on their businesses, as well as their families. By creating the proper type of Buy-Sell Agreement, owners of partnerships and privately owned corporations, can ensure that their partners, co-shareholders, family members and they are protected. Only after we secure all necessary financial information about the asset size and structure of our clients’ portfolio, and personally review the lifetime and testamentary concerns and goals for the disposition of their property, can we develop and implement a plan uniquely designed to achieve our clients estate planning, business succession, and retirement distribution objectives.

At The Levin Law Firm, we treat each client with compassion, empathy, and respect. We believe that matters impacting the protection and distribution of your personal assets, business interests, and retirement plans, are of paramount importance to you and your family. Therefore, you deserve to know the practical implications, along with the legal and tax consequences of particular planning options available to you and your family.  Since family dynamics and financial circumstances never remain constant, estate planning is a process, rather then a one time event.  In order to serve the lifetime and estate planning needs of our clients, throughout life’s many stages, we maintain regular contact with our clients through informational, educational, and entertaining Workshops, along with our client newsletter entitled, “Estate Planning Matters”.

If you are interested in receiving Estate Planning Matters, our client newsletter, detailing current developments and relevant issues in the areas of estate planning, business transition, and retirement planning, please click on the Contact page and request to be added to our mailing list or complete the sign up section below.

We make every effort to treat each client as if that person is our only client, and build our reputation and legal practice through referrals from satisfied clients and professional advisors.

Please contact The Levin Law Firm whenever we can be of assistance to help you and your family see and solve your estate, business, and retirement planning concerns.

At The Levin Law Firm, we take data and information and convert them into knowledge and wisdom for you and your family.  Only after we get to know your personal, family, business, financial, and concerns about the distribution of your property, can we create the appropriate legal documents, designed to accomplish your unique goals and objectives. We look forward to helping you.

In closing, we would like to share with you a quote from the authors of “The Family Love Letter”, a booklet designed to share your feelings with your family, as well as place your personal and financial affairs in order:

“The only thing we take with us when we’re gone, is what we leave behind.”

Please contact The Levin Law Firm to help you establish a lifetime and estate plan designed to ensure that your property passes to the right party, at the right time, in the most tax efficient manner. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.