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IRA Inheritance Trusts

chester county trustsThe Levin Law Firm is experienced in working with clients to create IRA Inheritance Trusts, which are also referred to as Retirement Plan Trusts and IRA Legacy Trusts. Here is why you should consider establishing an IRA Trust if your IRA and other retirement plan accounts collectively exceed $200,000:

Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”) were designed by Congress to be wealth accumulation vehicles, not wealth transfer vehicles. Effective January 1, 2003, the IRS issued final Regulations with respect to Internal Revenue Code 401(a)(9), the code section which created IRAs. These Regulations govern the calculation of required minimum distributions (“RMD”) from IRAs.   Learn more…

Special Needs Trusts

Special needs trusts, also known as “supplemental needs” trusts, are legal arrangements that allow disabled individuals to inherit funds without compromising their government benefits.

Most people do not realize that an inheritance can cause disqualification of financial benefits for a person who receives government disability assistance. Under current law, anyone who receives more than $2,000 is no longer eligible to receive federal disability aid – including Medicaid.

That means without proper planning, a well-intentioned bequest to a disabled family member can turn into a liability that blocks access to crucial health benefits, exhausting finds that could be used for the benefit of the disabled individual or other family members.   Learn more…

About Our Fees

Because it is our usual practice to quote a fixed fee, in some cases, our clients ask us to explain the basis for that fee. With more than 28 years of experience, as a trust and estate planning attorney, our work product and legal services provided to you is built upon what we have learned from our work with previous clients over many years. The actual Will, Trust and other important legal documents we create for you is not our product: our experience and expertise developing and administering estates and trusts is really our work product. All estate planning documents which we draft are merely the most tangible part of the entire service we provide to you and your family.

In the vast majority of cases, we quote our clients a flat fee for our work based upon multiple reasons. First, it allows you to avoid being surprised by a bill when we have completed the work which you have engaged us to perform. Second, it allows you the freedom to call us, at any time, with questions, which you might otherwise not do if you were being billed on an hourly basis. Third, it allows you to feel comfortable arranging meetings with us, making phone calls or sending e-mails to us with your questions on a variety of matters, including your comments after reviewing essential documents drafted for your review, without the concern of being charged every time we contact each other for any reason.  Learn more…

Complimentary Consultation

chester county probateEstate planning is a personal matter. To define one’s legacy, we recommend that an estate plan reflect an individual’s values, concerns, desires, and dreams.

We also believe that estate planning is a process best handled by a professional advisor who you trust, like, and respect. Our Complimentary Initial Consultation provides you with the opportunity to learn about our firm, our approach to estate planning, as well as to determine whether our services fit your needs and objectives. The initial session is also designed to provide you with relevant information you need to determine what aspects of the estate planning process is right for you and your family.  Learn more…