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Family-Care Program: Protecting Children in the Event of An Emergency

by Phil Levin, Esq. on August 17th, 2010

It is August and your children (and grandchildren) are heading back to school.  They may be down the street at a local school, at boarding school, or at college a bit further away. Regardless, you want to be sure that your children will be protected in an emergency if they are not with you.

The Levin Law Firm can help.  Here are some important suggestions:

For Minor Children (under 18)

In addition to the staff at your child’s school, make sure that all people who take care of your children — including grandparents, babysitters, older siblings, neighbors – have your up-to-date contact information, including changes in your cell and office numbers.  And don’t forget to update that emergency contact list on your fridge or bulletin board!

Contact The Levin Law Firm about our “Family-Care Program” we offer to all of our clients. Enrolling your child in this program allows your child’s caregivers, as well as doctors and hospitals, to secure immediate access to vital information they need to care for your child in an emergency. And you get an alert if the “Family-Care Program” is used. It is prudent to ensure that appropriate people in your life have access to important medical information about your child in order to make proper decisions about your child’s care in the event of a a medical emergency, especially if you cannot be reached.

For “Young Adult” Children (18 and over)

Make sure that your “Young Adult” Children, who are 18 years of age or older, sign a Health-Care Power of Attorney and a HIPAA Release, even if they are in college. Your children, who are age 18 or older, are now legal “adults” and these important legal documents can ensure that a hospital will immediately provide medical information to you, as their Health-Care Agent, in an emergency.

You can ensure that vital information, including medical conditions, prescription medication usage, and allergies, are immediately available to a physician or hospital, precisely when needed, by allowing The Levin Law Firm to enroll your adult child in our “Family-Care Program”. This program is offered to all of our clients who have college-age children, as part of our “Adult-Child Planning Program”. And you will receive an alert if the “Family-Care Program” is used by emergency staff.

Together, having the proper legal documents in place, coupled with our “Family-Care Program”, can make a critical difference to the treatment your adult children (and you) receive in an emergency.

Please call The Levin Law Firm today to arrange a Complimentary Consultation regarding the life and estate planning services we offer to our clients and and their children.

Clients who Execute a Will or Trust Based Estate Plan Receive a Complimentary Two (2) Year Enrollment in Our “Family-Care Program”, as a Thank You from The Levin Law Firm!

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