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What Celebrity Mistakes Can Teach Us About Estate Planning

by Phil Levin, Esq. on March 26th, 2010

Putting our legal and financial affairs in order, before it’s too late, is vitally important. These 10 Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes, detailed in Forbes Magazine, can help spring your clients into taking the necessary steps to protect and preserve their property.

Just like regular folks, celebrities flub their estate planning, costing their intended heirs money and/or grief. What’s different? Bigger dollar amounts and notoriety, mostly. A new book, Trial & Heirs, by probate litigator Andrew W. Mayoras and his estate lawyer wife, Danielle B. Mayoras, details celebrity cases to provide real-life advice that is relevant to all of our clients.

The mistakes celebrities have made run the gamut, from never writing a Will (music legend Jimi Hendrix) to relying on a “letter of wishes” to give away belongings (Princess Di). So read on, and learn from their mistakes.

ForbesPutting affairs in order before it’s too late is important. As planning professionals, one of the challenges that we face every day is motivating our clients to review and revise their existing estate plan, if they have one at all. Unfortunately, many of our clients have excuses for pushing their estate planning to the back burner. “Whatever the reasons, procrastination is common when it comes to clients doing the proper estate planning . . .”

You can educate your clients about the importance of engaging an experienced estate planning attorney to help them plan now to protect their estate.  We invite you to contact The Levin Law Firm to schedule a Complimentary Consultation by calling our office at (610) 977-2443.

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